Friday, May 21, 2010

What we do for our favorite stores

As some of you may know, we do not have a Trader Joe's (gasp) or Whole Foods anywhere near where I live. Oh and I live just north of Albany, NY, go figure. Not like we live in the middle of no where! There is a group locally who has a Facebook page, WWTJ (We Want Trade Joes) and the head of the group is very VERY active in touching base with Trader Joes, knows people know by their first names, and let's say they are very aware of how much one is needed here! Apparently they've been here looking at spots and its in the very near future..... I won't hold my breath just yet.

My husband and I make day trips just to go to a Trader Joes and also IKEA (loooovvee IKEA). I guess Albany isn't such a bad location because we have a few TJ's we can get to. We were first driving down to New Jersey. We could hit up IKEA and TJ's right down the crazy main drag from each other. But they are not open Sunday's (old school laws) so that puts a damper on the easiest day for us. Recently we found another in New Haven, CT that actually was a little bit of a closer drive. It's actually a beautiful drive, mostly back roads through MA and we end up in CT driving through the Yale campus, beautiful. IKEA is there also, that's where we hit up first, basically on the ocean. Then a 10 minute drive to TJ's. Last week when we went, we were taking another adventure to find Crate and Barrel and what do you know.... a WHOLEFOODS! ah we'll hit that next time. My in laws also came along for the trip this last time, and I'm not sure who wanted to scream first, my husband or father in law. A day of way too much shopping for them!

The one chain store that is making it's way here is The Fresh Market. We drove by one of those in CT also but didn't have a chance to scope it out. Anyone have one near them? They are building one locally and it looks huge! I'm really eager to check it out. And it will only be a 15 minute drive for me..... not 2 hours!

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