Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chocolate Cake Honeybush Tea

Ok- I give up on the past few weeks (months?) that I "forgot" I wanted to be a blogger so i'm just gonna pick up with today. Anything important that comes up from my hiatus, i'll fill you in as we go!

Anywhoo! As you can see, my choice of tea this morning, Chocolate Cake Honeybush tea. I just brewed my first cup and mmmmm perfect touch of chocolate! It's so smooth! On Monday my best friend Bekkie and I went to this newer restaurant/tea store called the Whistling Kettle It's in a town north of here, about a 20 minute drive. We didn't have lunch Monday since we wanted to check out a few of the other stores in town (especially the Whole Foods/Tea store I talked about in my last blog). They appear to have an awesome menu and great food. The place is always packed and line out the door. We were on a tea mission Monday. They have a small shopping section but lots to choose from. The set up is all their tea's line up for you to sniff in small tins, descriptions with each. Then there is a rack with bags of samples (see below) to purchase. Then tea accessories on the other side. You can purchase larger bulk tea in back and also get cups to go (that day I got an iced strawberry green tea!

Above are the sample size bags. Love it, $2.50 each so you can try many!

This day I picked up just 2 to try. The Chocolate Cake Honeybush I'm currently drinking...

and then this green tea. Gojiberry/Blueberry/Pomegranate. Helloooo antioxidants!

This is my newer purchase from after Christmas (form Teavanna, a chain tea store) I haven't used much yet. A small person tea pot that steeps the tea inside with a trivet below so I can keep it with me (say coffee table) for quick refills.

My tea this morning steeping. If you noticed, this chocolate tea needs to steep for 8-10 minutes where the green tea only 1-2 minutes. Wonder why? might have to Google that next!
Now it's time to go make some breakfast before I hit the gym for Zumba this morning. My last Thursday morning class before I return to work Monday. Yes if you remember from one of my first posts I was out on leave (feeling much better but still no definite answers to what was wrong). I personally think I just was in a funk, depressed and not taking care of myself (which I'm happy to say all have been much better!) Let's see If I can keep this blogging thing up! I think I get so wrapped up in reading others I forget I want to start .... continue my own!

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