Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today I took 20-20-20 class at the gym for the first time in over a year.

20 minutes aerobics.. high intensity, no stopping
20 minutes weights...light aerobic moves focusing on hand weights/arms
20 minutes abs..which turns into abs AND push ups

I love this class. This class kicked my ass hard today! Luis the instructor makes it all worth while. I used take his step aerobics and it was the best. He makes the class. He looks 30, but its I believe more like 60!!!!! We made him show us his id one day! He's full of energy, knows when he needs to check on you and is just awesome. Oh and might I add I don't belong to this gym but my friend has been getting me in since she works there. I used to belong but can't justify the money. Though since I'm out of work I might do a monthly membership, her idea today and a great idea!

I sweated my ass off. I remember picking up a new towel at Target specifically for the gym and it has seemed to disappear already. Or maybe just lost in the mound of laundry I need to do?
Running Diva Mom is doing a give-a-way on her blog for fun sport towels called Words to Sweat By They are reasonably price and have fun sayings. Go check out her blog and the website!!


  1. I really need a gym towel, will definitely check that site out :) congrats on the class!

  2. Thanks! i'm happy I survived it! I felt it yesterday but today i'm good and ready for Zumba for tomorrow. THAT class I need a towel for. I have to order one of these soon!