Thursday, April 29, 2010

Healthy Fattie!

That's right, I am a healthy fattie! Now to work on being a healthy skinnie!

I received my blood work results back from my Doctor in the mail yesterday. The doctor noted, "All results all were normal, but please move more for general health." aka get your fat ass exercising more.

She was very curious to see my results, especially my cholesterol levels. Also my TSH (thyroid) since I originally was having issues with my thyroid. As I always said, I may be fat but I've always been healthy and now have the blood work to prove it! I do find it odd that last year, my thyroid levels were off the chart and I was the only fat person (ok over exaggerating a bit) that was Hyperthyroid. Then I was put on meds and gained a ton of weight and voila now I'm Hypothyroid. Then I look for new doctors, stop all meds and all is good now? Strange.

Now I am a bit anxious to see what my pap smear will come back to say. That's my other issue. I have no had a period since all my thyroid issues started and this has been since December/January. It is now almost May. That's not cool. I've never ever had trouble with my period, always very regular (sorry for the TMI). Only thing I could think of was the initial fast weight gain and stress I as under didn't help. Now my doctor mentioned possible ovarian cysts. Again, odd how that would show out of no where but what do I know. Hopefully my whhoohaaa is a happy whoohaaa!

So from here, I'm continuing to focus on ME. I joined my favorite ($$$) gym for just a month while I'm still out of work. My friend works there pt and has been sneaking me in to Zumba but its getting to be too much to ask. I figured while I'm still out I might as well work out as much as I can. And I love their classes, so many to choose from and I can Zumba even more :-) My goal right now is to get back under 300lbs as soon as reasonably possible. No reason why I am as fat as I am but stress and eating over the past year. I must say though, 2 weeks of working out I'm already feeling better and it will only get better from here. I still have those fattie issues of not being able to imagine myself at a healthy weight. I think, will my tree stump of legs ever shrink? My stomach ever go back down? But I'm trying to tell myself not to think of it and just let it happen....

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  1. I hope your results came back fine!
    Good luck at the gym :)