Monday, April 12, 2010

And the verdict is............

I. Am. Fat!

Ok well that was no surprise. I knew that already and have been ok with it and ready to tackle it. Today was day one and hopefully for the last and finally effing time. I went to my Weight Watcher meeting as planned. It felt good. I really like my leader Carolyn. I think I can relate to her alot. She mentioned that when she lost all her weight (not sure of lbs but she mentioned today she started out in a size 26 and is a 8/10 now, you do the math) it was the 8th time she had tried WW'ers. yes! that is me too- give or take a few times, I've lost track over the years.

I got on the scale and braced myself for the number .I already knew it was super high. My scale at home won't weigh me. Yeah it sucks. And on that note, what sucks more is husband agreed to let me buy the Wii Fit so while I'm home during these couple of weeks away from work so I could start building my strength back up.... I'm too fat for the Wii Fit. True Story.
Max weight= 330lbs. Sad, so sad.

And the verdict for today........ 348lbs. Wow. That is just crazy. I know some of that is my fault but alot of it is my thyroid problem(s) and whatever else has been wrong with me in the past year. That is when most of the weight piled on, at least 60lbs or so.Though I was doing a good job of gaining before that too. So my first goal is going to be under 330lbs so I can use my damn Wii Fit! Then from there to be back under 3oolbs and eventually back to where I left off around 235lbs. Also, I look forward to weighing less than my hubby again. That felt awesome! That should be around the 250's (I think?)
Pics to follow.....

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