Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love Zumba!!

I took my second class last night, the first at this dance studio. Actually, a friend from high school who I have not seen in years is turning into a Zumba master! She is teaching more and more classes which is great. Then I met another one of our classmates there to take the class. How did we get in touch with each other, Facebook of course!

Zumba is the perfect work out for me right now. I've obviously gained alot of weight and have a hard time doing what I used to be able to do. That's been something hard for me to deal with.... but I'm getting better at it. Zumba let's you feel ok modifying moves because you are still shaking it, it gets your heart beat going (and going and going) and lets you feel fun and flirty. So not only are you getting a work out... you are shaking things you haven't shaked in a long time and learning some new dance moves! We were all some "hot little mamacitas" last night!

Since I've joined Weight Watchers again and have been moving more and more I FINALLY got my HRM (heart rate monitor) battery replaced. It's been months since I've used it. As you can see from the picture below, I was not happy to move my weight to 348lbs. I liked the number that was still stored in there from where I left off.. 261lbs *sigh* I will be there again!

1 hour of Zumba= 528 calories burned! Sawweeeett! I was happy with that. I did break a sweat and did modify what I couldn't do here and there. I now have a new fun way to work out which is going to be key for me. This is something I love and will continue to take at least 1 class a week!

I am lucky that another friend of mine has a Zumba class at her gym. that was the first class I took last week. I LOVE her gym. I was a member for a while. It's so convenient for me, 2 ft from my work, new, beautiful and sooo many options. Downfall, the $47 a month membership. Ouch. My friend is smart, she works there 2 days a week and gets her membership free. This is something I'm going to look into once I can work agian. Anywhoo she snuck me in to her class next week and will again tomorrow morning. I really enjoyed her class, the leader had some different moves than the class I took last night which was nice. Also, gotta enjoy the range of ages (20-80, yes 80 year olds) taking this class and shaking what they got to "Apple bottom jeans, boot with the fur, with fur...."


  1. Thanks you for the post about Zumba. I've been wanting to try it at the YMCA, but haven't. I danced all through elementary and high school and loved it and miss it. but am afraid to start back at it as an adult. i never thought of it as excercise as a kid, ya know?! Thanks for the recommendation. I may have to try it out now.

  2. Hey Diva Mom, thanks for the comment!
    You can do it! I took gymnastics as a child then when Jazzercize was popular (late 80's? early 90's) my mom had me in a childrens class. So none of really consists of a dance background.
    More than likely no one will know what they are doing (besides the instructor) its fun to giggle and shake what ya got! Try it, you won't regret it.