Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weigh In and doctor day

Yesterday was a nerve wrecking da for me..... First weigh in (yes AGAIN) then directly after my first appointment with a psychiartrist. I was nervous, excited, anxious and everything inbetween.

First was weigh in. I got to meeting place and was getting more anxious so I started my shakes. Funny, just what I was going to doctor for next. So when I stepped on the scale he receptionists says "stand still!!" I said (not too rudely) I C-A-N-T. I told her I could step off and try it again and she said no I can do it manually. Ok manualy from me sanding on ground? Taking an average the of numbers you were seeing? Finally she writes a number down.....

-7.0 lbs! yes! I quesitoned that number (was it more? was it less) but from my scale I had checked it seemd to be just about right. I guess we'll see what next week!

From Weight Watchers I had to run out to my first meeting with the Psychiatrist. I arrived early as they requested. 10:10am I got out of my car at at 10:50am I was STILL filling out work. Of course that made half of my hand writing a mess. The doctor, err well nurse practitioner I met with was nice. We talked about what I thought was causing this stress and anxiety right now, etc etc. Finally she decided she wanted me back on the Xanax a few times a day and now Zoloft at night. We talked about weight gain, I told her that was another underlying demon of me not happy with me. Some of the meds could make me gain, or want to eat. She was happy to hear I was going to WW and learning how to eat and controlling it which should help. Welbutrin, another depression medication was a possibility. It would help me LOSE the weight, but she didn't want to try that just yet because a side effect was seizures....
Now I just need to contact a therapist and find one I like and start sessions. Otherwise, she agrees, I should be out and away from work as long as I can while I'm in treatment. I have orders to take care of me. I think I can handle that right now :-)

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  1. Congratulations on losing 7 pounds the first week! A positive first step on your journey back to good health. And I hope you find blogging to be the extra umph you need to stay focused! I know it helps me.

    Good luck!