Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Repeat Offender

Confession. I am a Repeat Offender.

Tomorrow, I am going back to join Weight Watchers for the ohhh 8th? 9th? time, at least. After much thought and disgust with myself I know I need to do something, and now. I thought of other programs, other things I could do to lose the weight, but I know Weight Watchers works and I know how to work the program. Heck, I lost about 75lbs a few years ago, so why cant I do it again, plus more!

I've spent the last few days eating crap. I can feel it. I feel beyond disgusting. I hate this feeling. I can honestly say I have not had the belly hunger grumbles in a LONG time. If I had any such feeling, food went into my mouth... fast. Then the I feel so gross and nasty, etc etc feeling was back. I'm trying to learn to deal with my eating and cravings and learn all over again how to eat. I started to read a book, on overeating. Many different people I know have recommended and it's been sitting on my night stand for... well lets just say some time now. It's called, The Art of Overeating by David Kessler. So far so good. I'm hoping to learn a few good lessons to help me through this journey... again.

Then tonight, after making dinner on our new grill! yum! I attacked the kitchen. I need organization on my life in order to take care of me. Funny it may sound but if my life is a mess and crazy, so am I and so is my eating. The kitchen. Oy. Man it needed a good cleaning anyways... and still does. I cleared out the fridge . Scary yet satisfying. My husband ending up with 4 large bags of garbage from me cleaning not only the fridge, but the freezer and some random cabinet items. So to get me started tomorrow, its off to a good start. I still need to clean more, deeper, organize more and buy some new gadgets. Gadgets are also fun when you are losing weight- so far I picked up a Hawaiian girl cheese grater at Marshalls. it. is. awesome. (Pic to follow soon as I need to invest in new camera too booo). So while i'm out tomorrow I think a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond is in order.

Gadget heaven, here I come!

Weight Watchers, here I come!

The new (old me), here I come... .to find you again!

(Yeah that was a little cheesey, but I was feeling the motivation :-P)

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